Advertisers want to find consumers who are interested in their offerings and consumers want to find products that are going to provide them value.  The objectives match, but as with any relationship if there is a lack of transparency from the start, then the outcome is less likely to be successful.  The data that drives today’s programmatic advertising industry and the algorithmic distribution of ads is anything but transparent.

If a brand could capture a single data point upon which to target ads it would be customers’ opinion, because the fundamental purpose of advertising is to influence opinion.  Sengine provides the bridge between user opinion and brand communications by allowing consumers to express themselves through a click and gaining explicit consent for how their data will be used.  This provides brands with engaged audiences that anticipate their communications, resulting in better matches and outcomes for everyone.

The Experience

text and emoji

emoji only

text only


Customizable Formats
Each implementation is customized to blend with the style, look and feel of the host environment.  Any aspect of the brand experience can be queried and any combination of emojis or text can be used to collate opinion.
Privacy by Design
Having given an opinion, users are explicitly asked if it can be used to personalize their experience.  This ensures that Sengine is fully compliant with GDPR and creates trust between user and brand.
Customer Insight
Understand how customers feel about pricing, design, features, benefits, service or any aspect of a product.
Strengthens Customer Relationships
Asking for opinion and then responding accordingly builds relationships in any context.  In the context of brand and customer this will show the user the brand cares and will generate more loyalty.

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