Today the technology is available to create a win:win:win; the challenge is to create the incentives for advertisers, publishers and consumers to operate in a way that creates mutual benefit.  This no easy task but we have established a framework that does just that.

We recognise the vital role that each stakeholder plays in this delicate ecosystem and if there is an imbalance in any of the elements then there is sickness.  With up to 50% of consumers using Ad-blockers there is undeniably sickness within the ecosystem.  We are committed to redressing this imbalance and delivering great advertising that benefits all stakeholders.

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Sengine enables brands to collect opinion on any digital experience and use it as a data point for programmatic advertising.Read More »

Sentiment Smart Creative

Hyper-personalised ads built from the advertising’s most valuable data source, opinion.Read More »

Sentiment Analysis

Customer analytics generated from opinion create unique insights to support audience targeting and creative messaging leading to improved marketing outcomes.Read More »

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