Our Story

MEDIATA’s digital journey began in Sydney in 2009 where we were early players in programmatic advertising.  We expanded to New Zealand is 2010, Hong Kong in 2011 and India and Indonesia in 2014.  We rode the programmatic wave and it carried us as far as it went.

We also saw the rise of Ad-blocking and recognized that if up to 50% of people don’t want the output of our work then something is very wrong.

So, we took some time to re-think our offering and address the balance between advertiser’s desire to pinpoint target the right message to the right user at the right time and the user’s requirement to receive ads that will provide them with benefit.

We realised the data collection method is the problem because the consumer is not respected.  The equivalent in the pre-internet to just one of today’s data collection techniques would be to listen to every phone call and then use the information to sell us products.  That would never have been acceptable but today’s digital equivalent is widely accepted business practice.  This is a significant contributing factor in the breakdown of trust between brands and consumers.

In seeking to establish trust between brands and users we recognized a product also needed to produce results for advertisers because they are rational and will always direct their investment to where they get the greatest return.  We set about trying to determine what the most valuable data point an advertiser could know about a consumer and one which the user also had total autonomy over.  After an extended period of effort, we determined that opinion matched all our criteria because it is what advertising seeks to influence and only the user is in control of whether they share it or not.

Sengine (sentiment + engine) gives advertisers a single data point upon which to build personalized communications and users are given the choice to share or not.  This creates the foundation for a relationship based upon trust, insight and respect which is a core requirement for any successful relationship.

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